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 Had Israel's supporters left Zundel alone, the vast majority of the world 
would have continued to think he was just another nut case, and yes, I am 
one of those who having been raised with the holocaust "religion" thought 
that Zundel was out of his mind.
But it is the extreme actions, clearly unconstitutional, indeed un-American, 
used to silence him that broke through the dogmatic blindness and raised the 
question of just what it was that Zundel's persecutors were so afraid of. 
After all, one does not see this sport of legal persecution aimed at those 
who claim Elvis is still alive, or that Bigfoot is eating their zinnias. One 
sees this sort of persecution aimed at people such as Galileo and Bruno, men 
who spoke the truth, and by that truth incurred the wrath of those whose 
power rested in lies.

More than anything else it was the behavior of Zundel's persecutors that 
convinced me to actually look at the available facts in the debate.

Now as Zundel's case makes global headlines, other free minds are coming to 
the same conclusion; that the actions taken against Zundel to keep him 
silent indicate vested interests are afraid of what he has to say, and 
people the world over who had never even entertained the idea that the 
official story of WW2 is not 100% accurate are (especially with the wisdom 
born of the US lies about Iraq's WMDs) now starting to look a bit more 
closely at everything they have ever been taught.

And that cannot help but be a good thing.
And he still is, by everybody who isn't a UFO-crackpot Nazi-supporter!
Do tell me your position on UFOs, StriderCabal!

Dude, the only thing that happened to him in the U.S. was that he
violated the terms of his stay, and immigration authorities kicked
him back out to Canada.  The United States Constitution doesn't apply
in Canada and Germany, because those are foreign countries (if you can
grasp the concept).
Since when do people get locked up for being crackpots?   No people
get locked up for telling the truth in a world of lies.  

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a
revolutionary act." -- George Orwell.

We must not challenge the offical history or else.

"The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became
truth."  -- George Orwel

We have 20 million illegal aliens, yet we deport someone married to a
US citizen in the middle of the night.   That was the US Gestapo at
its best doing the work of its master race.   We should be giving a
safe haven to such people who are being persecuted for their political
beliefs.   Hey, I forgot he is not a minority group.  Silly me.

"You must love Big Brother.  It is not enough to obey him; you must
love him."  -- George Orwell


A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious.   But it cannot
survive treason from within.   An enemy at the gates is less
formidable for he is known and carries his banners openly.   But the
traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers
rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government
itself... for the traitor appears no traitor:  He speaks in accents
familiar to his victims, and he wears their faces and their garments,
he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the souls of all men. He
rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night
to undermine the pillars of the city; he infects the body politic so
that it can no longer resist.   A murderer is to be less feared. -
Zundel has always told the truth. I thought he was a nut case at one 
time.Now I know that he told the truth!
Why are you replying to three-months-old messages, StriderCabal?

Zuendel is a UFO Nazi -- so I presume this means that you're admitting
to a belief in Nazi ideology and UFO sightings?  Is your motto "Take
me to your Fuehrer!", StriderCabal?
Truth? You know truth?

More lies from the King of Lies and Cowardice


Below is the post that the spineless little coward has ducked for 18 months
now. He hasn't the balls to come close to this post, and runs every time I
make it.

Recent "truths", by Alex Seredin (ak.a. Strider, El Paredon, Saleh El Din,
AmigoCabal, et. al.)

WARNING: Do not drink while reading this

"Mossad created Hamas, Hamas created Hezbollah. Saddam is a Mossad employee,
and so is George Bush!"
"Osama is Great"
"Osama is a Mosad agent"
"Saddam is great"
"Saddam is a Jew"
"Saddam  is a butcher"
"Saddam is a hero of Israel. He has never ever done anything to harm Jews!
He started two wars on behalf and behest of Jews!"
"The Holocaust never happened"
"We got 6 million of you in WWII"
"You are an arsehole! Dr. Shahak is a jew, a real Holocaust survivor"
"60 million Russians died in German concentration camps."
"Jews killed JFK because he would not allow them to have nukes!"
"Israel was behind the Sept. 11 attacks"
"Eye Witness Testimony Is Conclusive That North Tower Collapsed From
Controlled Demolition"
"Is that why several hundred (Muslims) of the died anyway (in the WTC)?
"Israel set off a nuke in Bali"
"Jews killed 19 members of my family in Russia"
"Jews killed 19 members of my family in the Ukraine"
"Jews killed 50 members of my family in Germany"
"Jews have killed 10 million Palestinians "
"Jews killed 50 million in Russia"
"Jews killed 80 million in Russia"
"Jews killed 100 million in Russia"
"Who the fuck do you think most Jews are? Krauts of course!"
"Many Jews are Catholics. general of the SS Milch was also Catholic, but of
Jewish parentage!"
"Russians were garbage when they were raping Serbian children in 1944,
and murdering half a million Chechens and will remain the piece of dung
wrapped in a cabbage leaf!"
"Russians are genocidists, Serbs are past that stage of decline!"
"Jews put James Traficant in jail for standing up to them."
"You are too stupid to understand that millions of people during WWII
comitted suicide out of desperation and fear!"
"There are 700,000 Thai slaves in Israel."
"Every single day Jews kill at least half a dozen Palestinians, mostly
"I was in WWI" - But hasn't the balls to reply to this post
"I was in the Boer War in South Africa" - But hasn't the balls to reply to
this post
"I was in WWII" - But hasn't the balls to reply to this post
"I was in the Autralian RAAF" - But hasn't the balls to reply to this post
"I was in Viet Nam" - But hasn't the balls to reply to this post
"I was in  Ubon Cambodia in 1963, when you were being shitted out! " But
hasn't the balls to reply to this post
"Thank you Frank, I am witness of the chetnik participation in the Battle of
Belgrade in 1944"
"I am part Masai"
"I'm a Serbian"
"I'm Canadian"
"I'm Australian"
"I'm an American"
"I'm a direct descendant of Tamerlame"
"I'm a direct descendant of Kublai Khan"
"I like Jews"
"On April 20th we celebrate the birth of the greatest man of all  time:
Adolf Hitler."
"Human? jews are not humans!"
"I am NOT an anti-Semite!!!!!"
"The truth is not in the Heeb dictionary!"
"99% of the Jews are Russian ex-communist trash. They must be deported"
"Jews  came to America as slave traders and slave keepers."
30 YEARS!"
"The sole supplier of arms to palestinians are the jews."
"Adolf Hitler sent Eichman to Palestine, to encourage the establishment of
"Arafat and his government have been adamant in opposing all forms of
"After the bible, Mein Kampf was the biggest seller in U.S."
"Only one Jew died in the WTC attacks!!!"
"Anthrax cover up! (Jews did it)"
"Mossad Bombs Paradise Hotel in Mombasa"
"The US is commiting war crimes in Iraq!!!!!"
"I do have a Talmud written in the original Yiddish 19th century!"
"There is no 428 Hemi unless the kike farted into the cylinders, it is 427
arsehole!" (the 427 is a Chevy Block, the 428 Hemi was a Morpar block)

"There is secret version of the Talmud, made in a place called Cracow,  that
is for Jews only. When you call Amazon.com and try to order a Talmud, they
will ask you if you are Jewish. If you aren't they won't  send it. If you
say you are, they still won't send it. I was taught  about it by a rabbi,
who did so after all the Jews left."

"Albert Einstein was a genius and a thief at the same time. he was married
to Mileva Maric, a Serb, who was far gteater
physicist than he ever was"

"I was educated in Prva Muska Gimnazija in Belgrade, moron! And studied
Serbian history in detail. I also visited the Slavija hill with the person
whom Serbia respects Nikola Pasic!" - Nikola Pasic died in 1926, which would
mean Alex is 100 years old.

But the best I saved for last:
"Every single word I have ever said was the truth!"

Oh, we could go on for days, but you get the picture.
You are right: no people get locked up for this.

Truth is always ridiculed,ignored before being accepted as gospel truth!
Zundel got locked up simply because he told the truth!
In the Zionist world truth is taboo.
Undoubtedly you would have fallen for Hitler's lies as well.
Zundel is a crackpot. I suggest you do a Google on Zundel+UFO's+Antarctica .
He doesn't believe they are lies - he's as sick as Seredin.
And truly pathetic: he thinks that Zundel's imprisonment - get this - 
*proves* that his lies about the Holocaust are the truth. Like if I call 
"jessie" a pedophile, & I get prosecuted for slander, my prosecution 
*proves* me correct!

& he got locked up for being a lawbreaker.

Nobody believed that before they locked him up!
Zundel exposed Jewish lies the only reason he got locked up. Present German 
government is toadying up to the Zionist scum!
Zundel is a proven crackpot.......

Ernst Zündel's Flying Saucers


[email protected]
Millions of people have seen what they cannot explain including thousands of 
aviation people including several astronauts. UFO's are "unidetntified" 
until such time that they are identified, they remain a mystery. Ridiculing 
Zundel does not help in any way!

Except for the fact that he was married to an American lady and was awaiting 
for his green card at the time of his deportation

 The United States Constitution doesn't apply

read on:

BEIJING, March 3 (Xinhuanet) -- China issued the Human Rights Record of the 
United States in 2004 Thursday in response to the Country Reports on Human 
Rights Practices for 2004 issued by the U.S. on Feb. 28.

    Released by the Information Office of China's State Council, the Chinese 
report listed a multitude of cases to show that serious violations of human 
rights exist on the homeland of the United States.

    "In 2004 the atrocity of US troops abusing Iraqi POWs exposed the dark 
side of human rights performance of the United States. The scandal shocked 
the humanity and was condemned by the international community. It is quite 
ironic that on Feb. 28 of this year, the State Department of the United 
States once again posed as the 'the world human rights police' and released 
its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2004. As in previous 
years, the reports pointed fingers at human rights situation in more than 
190 countries and regions (including China) but kept silent on the US 
misdeeds in this field. Therefore, the world people have to probe the human 
rights record behind the Statue of Liberty in the United States," said the 

    The report reviewed the human rights record of the United States in 2004 
from six perspectives: Life, liberty and Security of Person; Political 
Rights and Freedom; Economic, social and Cultural Rights; Racial 
Discrimination; Rights of Women and Children; and Infringement of Human 
Rights of Foreign Nationals.

    This is the sixth consecutive year that the Information Office of the 
State Council has issued human rights record of the United States to answer 
the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices issued annually by the State 
Department of the United States.

    American citizens are threatened by rampant violent crimes and severe 
infringement of civil rights by law enforcement departments. "Violent crimes 
pose a serious threat to people's lives," said therecord.

    The record quoted the Department of Justice of the United States on Nov. 
29, 2004 as saying that in 2003 residents aged 12 and above in the United 
States came across about 24 million cases of crimes, including 1.38 million 
violent crimes like murders and robberies, averaging 475 cases per 100,000 

    "Police violence and infringement of human rights by law enforcement 
agencies also constitute a serious problem," the record said.

    Chinese citizen Zhao Yan was handcuffed and severely beaten onJul. 21, 
2004 while she was in the United States on a normal business trip. She 
suffered injuries in many parts of her body and serious mental harm, 
according to the record.

    Boasted as "a paragon of democracy," the United States' democracy is 
actually manipulated by the rich and malpractice, said the record.

    Referring the elections in the United States are in fact a contest of 
money, the record said, the presidential and Congressional elections last 
year cost nearly four billion US dollars, some one billion US dollars or one 
third more than that spent in the 2000 elections.

    According to the U.S.' official website www.opensecrets.org, the 2004 
presidential election has been listed as the most expensive campaign in the 
country's history, with the cost jumpingto 1.7 billion US dollars from 1 
billion US dollars in 2000.

    Poverty, hunger and homelessness have been haunting the United States, 
the world richest country, according to the record.

    The report stressed the United States refuses to ratify the 
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural rights and took 
negative attitude to the economic, social and cultural rights of the 

    According to the statistics released by the US Census Bureau in2004, the 
number of Americans in poverty has been climbing for three years. It rose by 
1.3 million year-on-year in 2003 to 35.9 million, the report said.

    Racial discrimination has been deeply rooted in the United States, 
permeating into every aspects of society, said the record

    The record said that the colored people are generally poor, with living 
condition much worse than the white. According to a report of The Guardian 
of Britain on Oct. 9, 2004, the average netassets of a white family is 
88,000 US dollars in 2002, 11 times of a family of Latin American ancestry, 
or nearly 15 times of a family of African ancestry.

    Racial prejudice is ubiquitous in judicial fields, the record said. The 
proportion for persons of colored races being sentenced or being imprisoned 
is notably higher than whites.

    In accordance with a report published in Nov. 2004 by the US Department 
of Justice, colored races accounted for over 70 percent of inmates in the 
United States.

    The situation of American women and children was disturbing. The rates 
of women and children physically or sexually victimized were high, said the 

    According to FBI Crime Statistics, in 2003 the United States witnessed 
93,233 cases of raping. Virtually 63.2 in every 100,000 women fell victims. 
Statistics released by the US Labor Departmentin Jan. 2004 showed a woman 
who worked full time had the median earning of 81.1 percent of that for a 
man, according to the report.

    In addition, according to the report, child poverty was a serious 
problem. A story released from AP Washington on Oct. 12, 2004 said that 
about 20 million children lived in "low-income working families" -- with 
barely enough money to cover basic needs.

    Children were also victims of sex crimes. Every year about 400,000 
children in the US were forced to engage in prostitution or other sexual 
dealings on the streets.

    The atrocity of US troops abusing Iraqi POWs exposed the infringement of 
human rights of foreign nationals by the United States, said the record.

    According to US media like the Newsweek and the Washington Post,as early 
as several years ago, in US forces' prisons in Afghanistan, interrogators 
used various kinds of torture tools foracquiring confession, causing many 

    The International Committee of the Red Cross believed that abuse of 
detained Iraqis in the notorious Abu Ghraib Prison was not a single case and 
it was a systematic behavior, the report said.

    The report pointed out that the United States frequently commits wanton 
slaughters during external invasions and military attacks. A survey on Iraqi 
civilian deaths, based on the natural death rate before the war, estimates 
that the US-led invasion might have led to 100,000 more deaths in the 
country, with most victims being women and children.

    Jointly designed and conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins 
University, Columbia University and the Al-Mustansiriya University in 
Baghdad, the survey also finds that the majority of the additional, 
unnatural deaths since the invasion were caused by violence, while air 
strikes from the coalition forces were the main factor to blame for the 
violence-caused deaths.

    Despite tons of problems in its own human rights, the United States 
continues to stick to its belligerent stance, wantonly trample on the 
sovereignty of other countries, and constantly stage tragedies of human 
rights infringement in the world, said the report.

    At last, the report said that the United States should reflect on its 
erroneous behavior on human rights and take its own human rights problems 
seriously instead of indulging itself in publishing the "human rights 
country report" to censure other countries unreasonably. Enditem
If someone wants to think the world is flat...(it is to a point)...let
them....what are we doing about freedom of thought....and making

Seems like the hollocuast and the 2nd world war made victims of alot of
people besides Jews...and Mr. Weinberg a Jewish concentration camp
survivor told me so...

This selective manipulation of 'victimization'....is a deceptive
tool....designed to get power...

Remember the devil is in the details, more importantly the missing

The LIGHT:The Rainbow of Truth...explains some of this...free to view!

Caesar J. B. Squitti
Seems like?
Who on earth says otherwise?

and Mr. Weinberg a Jewish concentration camp

And lying about such a thing is far worse.
Stay killfiled this time.

Accept it or reject it; you have to know it. - Mrs. McKay, RYCI
Geology teacher speaking of truth.

"It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can
stand by itself." -- Thomas Jefferson

"Truth never damages a cause that is just." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"Truth, like a torch, the more it's shook the more it shines." --
William Hamilton

"Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it." --
Andre Gide

"If you want to make someone angry, tell him a lie; if you want to
make him furious, tell him the truth.   All truth passes through three
stages.  First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and
third, it is accepted as self-evident. " - Arthur Schopenhauer
Philosopher, 1788-1860

"As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the
demand. - J Billings 

Don't confuse your opinion with the truth. " - W. Erhart
Yes, & I hate people like him who reject it.

Once again the thick Irish cunt proves that she has absolutely no idea
what the purpose of killfiles is.
But only Jews made a mint out of it!
Certainly well said. Thanks!