Twinkicide: Death By Liberalism

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Hostess Bakers union, Newsweek editors and the liberal lemming 

Death by Liberalism.
This time it's Twinkies.
In October it was Newsweek.

Who's next? What does this lemming-like liberal instinct mean for 

What is it that bakers and editors had in common as they looked 
into the abyss that would spell their own professional death? And 
then jumped?

Answer: They'd rather be dead than Not Liberal. Unfortunately for 
the rest of us -- they are not alone. Worse, they are in charge.

Presented with multiple opportunities to survive in a jobless 
economy -- the bakers and editors willingly jumped into the abyss 
that would kill their own professional way of life. Forever.


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Libya: The Real Story
Big bakery bakers are not "professionals",
it took about 15 minutes to learn each production
process, the recipes and instructions are 
provided, and they just go through the motions

      Why there was more than one union there
is a mystery.