Re: hello karl marx. today the mainstream media in america are karl marx suckin

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hello karl marx.
nice to know u r jew from germany and u now rule america.

democrat party today if being infiltrated by islamists, socialism,
communism and the main stream jewish media. the jewish in america
embrace the muslim barack hussein obama and they ignore the right of
the american pple who must know who is barack hussein obama. he is
still not known to us all. many things the world don't know who is
barack hussein obama and what happened to his terrorist friend bill

america is not free, it is under jewish media controlled. the
journalists who work for cnn, fox, cbs, nbc, and msnbc are scared to
speak against obama because the neo-nazis jewish media controlled
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dude. u don't know what u r talking about. i didn't see u go after
others who posted sh*.  my post covers all and this group or any group
fits. the truth hurts, because the mainstream media like cnn, fox,
cbs, abc, nbc and msnbc are propagandists of barack hussein obama.
and what happened to obama's terrorist friend bill ayers, and other
crooks the american have the right to know. this muslim barack hussein
obama is not known. he runs to be american prez and why shouldn't the
american know? man, u r losing ur mind dude.

american mainstream media controlled by the jewsh. they use obama to
keep the muslims from causing troubles to israel. the muslims use
obama to dominate the west because they are already dominated europe.
the black use obama to punish the white, the socialist-communist
democrats use obama to win and easy for them to play race card,
because obama is black. they made obama to be christian but obama is
still faithful to his muslim faith; and the foreign socilaist-
communists want obama because he has no experiences and he is weak,
they want america weaks.

do u get problems for reading the truth? the american pple i heard
stopped truting the media, because the mainstream media are crooks and
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