Jews hate blacks, get them to murder each other

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Jews control the diamond industry and have out of desire to see blacks
lessened in the world, gotten them to turn on each other and murder
each other of which the end result is they are controlling the diamond
resources of Sierra Leone, the contest of murder logistics is this:
"whomever gets the diamond and sells it to us we will pay them top
dollar, we will provide you the weapons to fight each other to get
possession of the diamonds, and once you do we will pay you again top
dollar" - so Jews are getting the Africans to wage war on each other in
the name of possessing the diamonds to make the sale to the Jews, of
which they jack the price super high and make astronomical profits,
with a long trail of cold blooded murder following the stones.

Jewish arranged murder for Jewish profitting.

The proof is abundant, first of all England is completely Jewish
controlled, and AK47s being Soviet armament shows the Communist
connection to Sierra Leone, of which Jews arranged the sales of arms to
the African natives so they could kill each other again over possessing
the diamonds to make the sale to them.

Jews are responsible for all social attrocitys by their money handling
systems of debt-finance. Hitler eliminated this system and equal
prosperity was the result, so they had to frame him by making up the
holocaust so no one would study his actual positive achievements which
to this day remain unequalled. A female Jew named Gertrude Stein
nominated Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize, isn't it amazing that that
has been censored all these years.
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Why would a Nazi like you care about that?