GWB is an international CRIMINAL

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George W. Bush is an international criminal. 
Not because he pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol. Not because he fought
to weaken the effectiveness of the World Court. Not because he is
continuing the policy of arming a state that routinely uses
overpowering military force against civilians in violation of American
law (Israel). Not because he lied to Congress about Iraq's attempts to
obtain Yellowcake Uranium from Niger or Iraqi connections to bin Laden
(remember him?). Not even because of his slaughter of the English
language (though I'm sure even the French consider that to be

No, George W. Bush is an international criminal because he instigated
a pre-emptive war against another country that posed no imminent
threat to the United States.

On Oct. 3, Bush said Saddam Hussein "actively deceived the
international community, that Saddam Hussein, was in clear violation
of United Nations Security Council resolution 1441, and that Saddam
Hussein was a danger to the world."

Yet it is Bush himself who is the deceiver._ It is Bush who actively,
and is still actively deceiving the international community. It is
Bush who is in violation of the United Nations Charter.
Nobody gives a rat's ass about your ignorant bullshit. We are pleased 
that President Bush went after Iraq and after the terrorists. To hell 
with the pinko World Court and to hell with you Muslim terrorist loving 
You are absolutely right Jaber! Just figuring out how to get out Iraq will
take a genius, especially now that Iraqis got the marine General in the